Your Benefit

Why choose us?

Human capital, your most important investment

Our students and graduates hail from the world's leading universities. Every candidate passes through a rigorous assessment and training process to guarantee the talents quality. And, while staying with you, we train our interns to master all the important areas neglected by university education.

You decide the duration, location 

and type of the internship

Our bespoke programs can be anywhere between 2 weeks and 1 year. This gives employers the flexibility to select people for short-term projects or to benefit fromintegrate a talent into the team for a full year. 

Talents from every academic and 

professional area 

Our students cover the entire spectrum of disciplines business, science, technologyand applied arts. This means that regardless of your project, we have the rightpeople to support your team. Moreover, our talents have finished at least theirsecond year (4th semester) and many of them already hold an undergraduatedegree. So, they are in the late stages of learning, hence offering you a realknowledge contribution. 

We provide tailored solutions - 

not only for our students!

Our highest goal is to meet your requirements. We can provide any kind of servicethat your company may need. As far as practically and reasonably possible, weevaluate every candidate profile and take as many experiences, skills, certificates,and degrees into account to match the talent with your vacancy. In order to achievea high matching rate, we have developed a sophisticated evaluation method thatcombines various measurement tools such as checklists, surveys and interviewevaluations.

Your benefits in a nutshell

We know that hiring personnel is a tough and time-consuming decision that is not rarely associated with high risks and costs. We tryto fix that. Below are eight reasons why you should consider to hire an intern with us. 

Hire multi-linguists 

Most of our students speak at leasttwo languages fluently, many of themeven more.

Save costs

Hiring employees can be quiteexpensive. Our solution gives you acost-effective opportunity to recruitand evaluate potential employeeswith little to no effort.

Gain new insights 

Inject new perspectives, ideas and thelatest academic knowledge fromstudents that come right from thesource of latest research andtechnology.

Reduce risks

Hiring an intern is a smart way tomanage economic uncertainty whileretaining recruitment activities. 

Exchange cultures

Our interns can introduce you to theirhome market and improve yourcultural diversity in the workplace. 

Be flexible

Our students adjust to yourrequirements of task, place andduration of the program. In addition,you can define the requirements, suchas language, degree, or origin yourself.

Improve leadership

Mentors and supervisors can developtheir leadership and managementskills, improve the quality of theiremployees, and increase staffretention. 

Focus on strategy

Use the intern for time-consumingtasks and focus more onprofessional/strategic projects.

Increase your employer branding with us - Become a premium partner

Whether you are an enterprise, NGO or educational institution, on todays global markets, everyone has to distinguish themselvesamong competitors. Our premium partnership allows us to combine forces and use mutual channel to increase our market value andbrand image. 

Become a premium partner

Through years of experience and cooperation with both local and multi-national enterprises, we have established numerous close partnerships.The resulting mutual trust enables a smooth, cost-effective and timesavingapplication process. Our premium partners benefit from a topplacement of their logo, mentions in articles and brochures, opportunityto attend our career events and exclusive access to our top talents.In return, we hope to establish a long-term partnership with yourorganization to enable a continuous and fluent internship placement.Interested? Feel free to contact us at

Become a Sponsor

We are aware that education has a price. Unfortunately, not every individual is able to finance such an experience. That's why we work closely with institutions and companies to create funding opportunities for unfortunate students. Together we create full and partial scholarships for our programs, accommodation and travel and living expenses.

In gratitude for your commitment, you will be:

- given exclusive access to our top talents

- mentioned in blogs and brochures

- given a top spot in all our events and marketing materials.

Thus, you are not only helping students to grow, you also increase your employer branding with little to no effort.

If you are interested in a scholarship solution, do not hesitate to contact us at